OPTMARKS Brand Protection and Intellectual Property Consultancy Philippines is composed of young and dynamic individuals well-versed in the fields of brand protection and intellectual property. We offer bespoke and personalised intellectual property and brand protection measures, delivered full-service and above-board, minus the antiquated and cumbersome processes other firms usually saddle your company with.


Dynamic and innovative, OPTMARKS Brand Protection & IP Consultancy Philippines is committed in fostering the success of our clients. By protecting their intellectual property assets, our company has constantly provided added value to our clients’ various businesses worldwide.

EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE. Our team has honed extensive experience navigating the intricacies and different aspects of intellectual property practice in various jurisdictions worldwide.

TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN. Powered by BrandrTM, a powerful IP docketing and management technology software designed specifically with our clients’ IP assets in mind, our services are delivered intuitively and on-point. Recognising that IP rights are time-critical, our technology driven services provide an assurance that no deadlines are missed by our clients.

GLOBALLY CONNECTED. We collaborate and act on behalf of leading international intellectual property attorneys who partner with us in executing our clients’ global strategies. Our firm boasts of a global network of skilled intellectual property attorneys who are well versed and  can competently advise on the requirements of any specific jurisdiction. 

Principal Attorney

Atty. Arjel P. De Guzman, the firm’s lead attorney, is a Philippine-licensed lawyer with extensive experience in intellectual property and litigation. He holds a Degree in Law from San Beda University, Manila and was a participant of JPO-JIPII IP Training Course for Practitioners Specializing in Trademarks in Tokyo, Japan.

Apart from intellectual property and litigation, Arjel also handles commercial, corporate, administrative, regulatory, maritime and labor cases.

As an active member of different professional organizations including the Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA), International Trademark Association (INTA), International Legal Council (ILC), and the Maritime Law Association of the Philippines (MARLAW), Arjel regularly attends  conferences & events to maintain his knowledge of the latest developments in domestic and international practice.

Professional Affiliations