Image taken from purveyr.com

In an article written by Nash Sudario, OPTMARKS‘ Arjel de Guzman was featured by PURVEYR as he discussed intellectual property issues concerning artists and creators. Arjel gave an introductory insight on the basic intellectual property angles affecting the creative process including various intellectual properties involved therein and the laws that govern them.

PURVEYR is multi-dimensional media brand that fosters the creative spirit through stories, objects and experiences from the Philippines. It is a brand designed to deliver a unique perspective about the Creative Life through stories from the Philippines and Filipinos, which involves a focus on culture, work and lifestyle through different dimensions — digital, print, events, and retail.

Read the full article here: https://purveyr.com/2020/05/08/an-introduction-to-the-intellectual-property-code-of-the-philippines-for-creators-and-consumers/